Network Q Livery Kit


Network Q Livery

Decals included are

  • Replica copies of the TME edition stripes
  • 4x Ralliart Bumper Decals
  • 2x Ralliart Rear quarter Decals
  • 1x Ralliart roof decals
  • 2x TME Spoiler Decals
  • 1x Tommi or Marlboro Spoiler blade decal
  • 1x TME Boot Decal
  • 2x Tommi or Marlboro Rear Door Decal
  • 2x TME Door Tuning stacks Decals
  • 3x Network Q Door Number Cards
  • 1x Mitsubishi Motors Bonnet Logo

All decals are made from 7 year vinyl

You may wish to add a sunstrip and rear window decals to complete the livery

Brand Dogburtinos
Condition New

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